This comprehensive class will afford teachers the opportunity to learn many basic and some advanced concepts on SMART Notebook Software. During this class teachers will be exposed to the use of toolbar functions, the image and animation gallery, importing items from other files, and ultimately creating a full presentation. This class is designed to be used by teachers at any grade level, and in any discipline. The lessons and units we create will be practical, and can immediately be implemented into your classroom. This course will enable teachers to take their lessons to the next level, as well as assess student progress and understanding.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. how to create, edit, and revise Interactive Whiteboard presentations for their students.
  2. that an Interactive Whiteboard is not only used for lesson delivery, but for assessment as well.
  3. that the internet is a vast resource for primary documents, lessons, templates, and clips for creating projects.
  4. how to use the I.W.B effectively to meet the needs of all of their students


  1. how to add or delete slides from an existing project to present new information.
  2. that an Interactive Whiteboard lesson can be differentiated to meet the needs of all of their students.
  3. how to create lessons and assessments designed to engage the entire class

and Be Able To

  1. create presentations to compliment the lessons and units they already teach.
  2. create authentic assessments that can be saved to monitor student progress.
  3. enhance their pedagogy through the use of animation, video/audio clips, and primary documents,
  4. differentiate their lessons to meet the needs and learning styles of all students
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