Running records, miscue analysis, spelling tests... Elementary teachers have a wide variety of assessments they use, but then what? This course will help you to use the information gleaned from all types of literacy assessments to guide your instruction. Enhance your classroom instruction by analyzing what information different assessments provide you and learn how to differentiate instruction based on each student's needs.

Students enrolled in this course will...


1. The importance of assessments and using data to improve student achievement

2. The three cueing systems in miscue analysis

3. The various resources available to teachers for assessing a student’s sight vocabulary

4. Strategies for teaching spelling words


1. How to select a teaching point based on a student’s running record

2. How to teach decoding strategies to struggling readers

3. How to use a rubric to evaluate student writing.

4. The different types of questioning necessary to evaluate specific deficits in comprehension

and Be Able To...

1. Analyze running records

2. Diagnose deficits a student presents in phonics

3. Use graphic organizers to enhance comprehension

4. Use explicit questioning to identify specific areas of weakness in comprehension

5. Create tip sheets for practicing spelling words and sight words at home

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