Since the end of World War II, the United States has been a Super Power that has always been a leader in economic, social, political, military, and educational affairs. For years, this country has been the home to the finest universities that have been the center of multiple types of innovation. But, since the start of this new century, America has fallen behind other nations within many of these attributes that made America succeed at every type of endeavor. On a daily basis, our people are reminded of debt, warfare, a lack of productivity, and the educational emergence of foreign students. As we teach the students of today, how do we achieve educational parity with nations around the world? What are the concerns that we see in this nation over the ability of our students to succeed in the global economy? Are our schools and the local and national government doing enough to ensure that our students have the very best tools to ensure the continued success for all of our students within every grade and content area? All students will analyze insightful readings, videos, movies, statistics and findings to bring this vital course that will shed light on the demands of our teachers and students. These assignments will continually foster the importance of this class to shed the vital light of the challenges that will surely face our current and future students in attaining the American dream.

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