The revised and renamed standards titled, Next Generation Learning Standards will soon be what guides our instruction. This time, things have changed for the better. The controversial Common Core will soon be history for a variety of reasons. Now is the time to become acquainted with our new Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards...coming to a classroom near you. 

The revised standards aim to reimagine the educational framework for English Language Arts, with the goal of better supporting educators in their instructional practice and to provide additional guidance on achieving a vision of 21st century literacy.

You probably have many questions. How much work will it be to learn new standards...again? Do I have to change what I do? Really, more testing? So, how do we as teachers accomplish this, we barely have time to do anything? Can I use existing lessons that worked? By examining the Next Generation Standards, these questions will be answered. You will be delighted to see how they have been revamped to be more appropriate and reasonable for both teachers and students.

In this class, designed for grades K-8, participants will be provided with useful resources including websites and downloadable documents. Participants will also create resources for students, have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow colleagues, and exchange ideas which is something we all wish we could do more often.