With the transition to 1:1 classrooms, it is imperative that teachers find ways to assess their students digitally. Digital assessment allows students to receive immediate feedback from their teachers. In addition, teachers are able to collect data on the learners in their classroom, allowing them to make instructional decisions. Digital Assessment also makes it easier for a teacher to have a self-paced classroom, which helps the teacher better meet the needs of all the learners within the classroom.

Students enrolled in this course will


  1. What digital assessments are and how they can be used in the classroom
  2. What a self-paced classroom is and how digital assessments can aide in the implementation of self-pacing
  3. What the SAMR model is


  1. The benefits of using digital assessments for both the student and teacher
  2. The types of tools that can be used for various types of assessments
  3. Which level of SAMR model their digital assessments fall in

And Be Able To

  1. Create digital assessments using various tools including h5p and Go Formative
  2. Create a self-paced lesson using digital tools as formative assessments
  3. Create a Unit Plan using digital assessments

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