Course Description

This valuable and necessary course explores mental health issues facing students today. This course teaches skills to help children who struggle with the following: emotional dysregulation, interpersonal difficulties, temper tantrums, attentional control, impulsivity, or aggression.  It focuses on teaching students skills and techniques to manage those emotions and change behaviors in ways that will make their lives better. The “dialectical” in DBT means dealing with two things at once that might seem contradictory: I am doing the best I can and I can do better. When children and adolescents feel accepted and validated, they are more willing to change, participate, grow, and learn from others. Learn how to support your students’ ability to regulate their emotions and behavior, to tolerate stress, and to develop grit and resilience in the face of challenges and change. 

This interesting and information packed course will explore the behaviors, academic and social implications, instructional strategies, classroom accommodations, and treatment options. Be prepared to understand, encourage and assist these students, and feel empowered as an educator.