Educators are faced with many challenging tasks every day.  Students have many social and emotional issues which teachers are expected to contend with, oftentimes without any training. Students’ inabilities to calm down and control difficult emotions has put many schools in crisis.  Bullying, physically aggressive behaviors, and even school shootings are sources of great anxiety and fear for students and teachers alike.  Children cannot learn when they are afraid or stressed out.  Teachers do not teach effectively or compassionately when they are too anxious or overwhelmed.  Mindful practices help participants learn to calm upsetting or difficult emotions and better self-regulate.  When students (and teachers) use mindfulness, they are able to consciously choose how to respond to difficult emotions, instead of just reacting to stimuli inappropriately.  This course will help you and your students become more mindful.  In doing so you’ll build a strong community of caring individuals.  You’ll do more teaching, students will be better focused to learn, and everyone will feel happier and healthier. 

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