Behavior Modification is vital in order to preserve the academic delivery of your daily lesson routine. This course provides a specific understanding of how to create, implement, assess, and reconstruct your own behavior modification program as well as existing programs in classrooms K-12. It gives teachers an understanding of different types of students’ behaviors and how to control them without impeding the learning process. This course will use Internet articles, websites, classroom discussions, and case studies as a tool for designing modification programs. This course is beneficial for both regular and special education teachers with all types of behaviors.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. when their students have begun to understand the rules.
  2. the many different types of behaviors displayed in the classroom.

  1. why students use attention seeking behavior.
  2. how students who are involved in the rule making process become more appropriate students.
and Be Able To

  1. explain the pathology of behaviors by students in the classroom.
  2. create an effective and meaningful behavior modification plan that is age and grade appropriate
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