The iPad changes the way teachers and students access the web, share media, and learn on the go. This course will cover how to add content to the iPad, how to incorporate the use of iTunes U, and how to find the best educational Apps available - including Apps for creating content and media on the iPad. The aim of this course is to demonstrate the practical application of the iPad mobile device in an educational setting. An emphasis will be placed on applications that you can share content with your students, parents and other colleagues. Please Note: An iPad and/or an iPhone/iPod Touch is required to participate in this course.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. how to implement the iPad into your daily curriculum and meet many NYS Standards
  2. how to create a digital classroom and make the learning environment virtually paperless


  1. the concept of 1:1 iPad integration and the how the bring your own device (BOYD) philosophy is sweeping across the United States
  2. and discuss how to integrate new technology into the classroom environment
  3. strategies to search and evaluate effectiveness of curricular iPad software

and Be Able To

  1. search and utilize age/grade appropriate applications in the iTunes store.
  2. create links to class notes and articles related to course work
  3. create review activities for students to complete online and on mobile devices
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