The Common Core Standards have been adopted across the country, and the standards are currently part of the curriculum in 45 states. The Standards hold both general and special education students to the same level for college and career readiness. The Common Core Standards impacts all subjects and grade levels by promoting literacy in all classes. The Standards emphasize increasing complexity and the use of texts on or above student grade levels. In addition, the Standards increase students' mathematical abilities by improving the ability to understand mathematical concepts. This course is designed to help educators address the challenge and impact of the Common Core Standards for special education students. The course will explain the meaning of the Common Core Standards and provide strategies to help educators work effectively with special needs students to find success in the classroom.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. The language of the Common Core standards.
  2. The language of the Common Core standards.
  3. How to create a Common Core checklist.
  4. How to create a Common Core checklist.
  5. Current research about the Common Core standards.
  6. The basics of the Universal Design for Learning


  1. The basics of the Common Core standards and how the Common Core will affect Special Education students.
  2. The reason for the Common Core movement.
  3. How to align their classroom material with the Common Core Standards.
  4. The implications of the Common Core on Special Education students.
  5. The connection between Universal Design for Learning and the Common Core Standards

and Be Able To

  1. To link IEP goals to the expectations of the Common Core

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