In this course, we will explore the events leading up to RTI and why the pendulum has now swung in this direction. Also, we will scrutinize the different 'Tiers' associated with this model and look at the different interventions and strategies needed for student success. Through this exploration, will be able to create differentiated lessons, implement lessons with proper delivery, assess teacher and student progress, understand the model, as well as back up our information through research-based case studies and exercises.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. The different tiers of the Response to Intervention model
  2. The new direction in how districts are classifying students


  1. Why the old model of classification is not working
  2. How research-based methods of instruction/behavior modification will be used to implement the RTI process

and Be Able To

  1. Explain the process of designing and implementing each lesson to fit the criteria of RTI
  2. Use research-based progress monitoring tools to accurately assess student achievement
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