This valuable and necessary course explores mental health issues facing students today. Anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental health problems of childhood and adolescence. Victims of natural disasters such as storms and floods, accidents, violence or abuse may suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Tourette Syndrome has dramatic consequences for students. Eating disorders are increasingly seen in younger children. The effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are lifelong and irreversible. Every educator will encounter students with one of these disorders. This interesting and information packed course will explore the behaviors, academic and social implications, instructional strategies, classroom accommodations and treatment options. Be prepared to understand, encourage and assist these students!

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. Mental health issues affecting students today
  2. Definition of Anxiety Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating Disorder and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  3. Diagnostic criteria of each disorder


  1. The etiology of each mental health disorder
  2. The behaviors and social implications
  3. Academic difficulties faced by students with these disorders

and Be Able To

  1. Provide instructional strategies and classroom accommodations to promote academic success
  2. Provide a learning environment which encourages self esteem and confidence
  3. Assist families of students with mental health concerns
and much, much more!

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