Project Based Learning will prepare educators to meet the needs of our changing 21st Century Society. Research shows that Project Based Learning not only improves critical thinking, but improves scores on high- stakes tests. This course will help teachers to be better prepared to focus their teaching around real world problems that will engage and enhance student learning. Most importantly, by implementing Project Based Learning into the classroom students will be more prepared for the complex problems of the world around them at the same time as improving their higher level thinking skills.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. the importance of PBL as a unit planning technique.
  2. that PBL can be helpful in the implementation of Common Core


  1. that PBL is a student- driven, teacher scaffolded approach to teaching.
  2. the value of PBL for the 21st Century student.
  3. how to implement Common Core into PBL projects

and Be Able To

  1. construct effective questions into their lessons.
  2. implement Common Core into PBL projects.
  3. evaluate the difference between an activity and a meaningful PBL project.
  4. construct and evaluate different forms of assessment to use during PBL.
  5. apply the correct steps in a PBL project
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