As educators, we all know the importance of our students reading outside of our classrooms on a daily basis and share a common goal of creating life-long pleasure readers. Assigning reading logs to monitor this reading at home has been a common practice among classrooms for decades. This course will encourage classroom teachers to evaluate the usefulness of reading logs and reflect on their current practices. It is designed to help classroom teachers to encourage their students to read at home. We will explore ways to motivate students and help parents to support their children when reading. This will help students to develop a love for reading; the benefits of which will be far reaching, both across the curriculum areas and as members of society. This course is geared to K-8 grade levels.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. The benefits of reading at home everyday
  2. Ways to cultivate a love of reading
  3. Available online resources to support parents and students


  1. How to initiate a book club
  2. The long-term effects of students skipping reading assignments
  3. The role of reading logs and its effects on readers
and Be Able To

  1. Create tip sheets for parents to help choose appropriate books with their children
  2. Provide suggestions to parents on how to support their children while reading
  3. Recommend different types of technology to encourage reading
  4. Advise parents on meaningful activities to encourage reading over the summer

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