Have you ever had a bright student who you couldn’t seem to reach? Often times, educators may suspect a learning disability or think that the student is disengaged, when in fact there may be a disconnect in how that student learns versus how they are being taught. Research found that one-third of students in schools investigated are visual-spatial learners (VSLs) or holistic, picture thinkers. Traditional classroom teaching benefits auditory-sequential learners by implementing linear, detailed, step-by-step explanations. VSLs don’t respond well to prepackaged information or passive learning. VSLs can be difficult to teach but their potential is enormous. These students have the ability to become our future engineers, graphic artists, movie directors, mechanics, architects, and designers.  This course is designed for teachers of all grades and disciplines who want to learn more about visual-spatial learners (VSLs), recognize their talents and abilities, provide support in their subject, and explore techniques for effectively teaching VSLs while simultaneously providing support for sequential learners. Attention to VSL needs can help restore balance to the classroom.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. the two major ways of learning; auditory-sequential and visual-spatial.
  2. the characteristics of visual-spatial learners (VSLs) as well as auditory-sequential learners (ASLs).
  3. that visualization is a powerful tool for all students, all subjects, and all grade levels.

  1. the differences in ASLs and VSLs.
  2. the strengths and weaknesses of VSLs.
  3. the strengths and weaknesses of ASLs.
  4. tactics that effectively reach VSLs while supporting ASLs.
  5. how playing visualization games can increase memory, improve focus, and enhance learning in the subject areas.
and Be Able To

  1. identify a VSL in their classroom.
  2. compose lessons that differentiate instruction for VSLs.
  3. restore balance back to their classrooms by accommodating both VSLs and ASLs.

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