Are you looking for some new techniques to excite your students? Music has been shown to motivate student learning and engagement regardless of ability level. This course will explore ways to incorporate music into your everyday interactions with students, particularly students with disabilities. Course topics will include the benefits of music with various populations of students, using music to help students succeed in different types of classrooms and ensembles, and using music technology to maximize a student’s level of participation. Coursework will be differentiated so participants will be able to adapt assignments to reflect their professional experiences.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. what the research says about how music affects the brain.
  2. a brief history and definition of music therapy.
  3. what resources are available to assist them in using music.

  1. how students with various disabilities can improve learning using music.
  2. how to make adaptations to their music curriculum so all abilities can succeed.
  3. how music technology can be used to increase participation with music.
and Be Able To

  1. identify situations throughout their day when music can be utilized.
  2. incorporate music into his/her everyday interactions with students.
  3. differentiate music activities within their classroom.

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