Being a teacher in today’s world is a complex one that involves numerous responsibilities and roles inside and outside the classroom. In addition to the daily demands from students, parents and administrators it is imperative that today’s teacher meets the demands to be highly effective in the field of teaching. To be a successful educator one must be aware of the research based strategies that can bring their teaching a higher level of excellence. This course will help all teachers learn the research behind the strategies to become highly effective and learn how to easily integrate those strategies in their lessons.

Students enrolled in this course will


  1. What it means to be a highly effective teacher in today's complex world of education.
  2. What it means to be an intentional teacher and how to use the Teacher Intentionally Practice rating scale to enhance teaching.
  3. Research based strategies of effective teaching to encourage authentic learning strategies.
  4. The unique learning challenges that are present in today’s world.

  1. The different rubric and policies used to evaluate teacher effectiveness.
  2. The Teacher Intentionally Practice Scale and the value of the rating scale.
  3. How to use research based strategies in their classrooms to challenge students.
  4. The value and appropriate use of effective assessment.
and Be Able To

  1. Create lessons that align with their district's evaluation system.
  2. Create easy to use handouts, worksheets, and other material that incorporate research based strategies.
  3. Incorporate valuable assessment into their lesson and unit plans.
  4. Meet the needs of diverse learners using research based strategies.
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