K-12 students today are born into a technologically advanced world. Educators today must be flexible and open to the endless possibilities that technology provides in education. In order to do so, educators themselves must be literate in all of these innovative technologies. Google Tools is one technology that encompasses a variety of apps or applications such as word documents, slideshow presentations, fill-in forms, and Gmail. These apps are accessible from any computer in any location with internet access. Google Tools also has its own virtual classroom platform known as Google Classroom, which allows educators to group students by class and update them on class content, assign and receive assignments, access grades, and collaborate with peers from any location. In addition to motivating students, Google Tools allows for endless opportunities for communication and collaboration, while making teacher responsibilities such as grading assessments and giving feedback easier and faster than ever before. This course will provide information on using technology in the classroom as well as detailed information on how and when to use the features of Google Tools (Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets, Google Add-ons) in any educational setting.

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