This course is for any teacher that wants to continue, maintain and/or grow their love, enjoyment, passion and motivation for their profession for the remainder of their career. Teachers taking this course will reflect on the tremendous impact they have on their students’ lives. Teachers need this reminder regularly to reinforce the noble work they do each day. They will learn strategies and new ideas to stay motivated and passionate professionally throughout their teaching career and will reflect on ways to apply them to their own lives. They will learn how to balance their work and life to stay healthy and happy. They will learn the realities of teacher-burnout, how to identify it, and how to combat it quickly. In the end, teachers will create a Motivation Maintenance Plan as a reference to stay on the right track. Why is this course vital? How would you like to be at the end of your teaching career? Pleased, positive and passionate? Or exhausted, irritated and burnt-out? You know what the answer is. Most have experienced colleagues or teachers from their childhood on both ends of this spectrum. The choice is yours, but you need to be prepared to combat obstacles that will arise and come out stronger. A happy and passionate educator results in a more content and rewarding life for the teacher, and a more beneficial experience for the students. It’s a win-win situation.

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