In this course, educators will be prepared how to meet the needs of all students in the 21st Century world classroom. Understanding the unique differences in learning styles can impact the way teachers handle their students and improve student success. Today’s teacher must be able to activate each child’s learning style to engage and enhance student learning. This course will focus on helping all teachers, regardless of their grade level or subject area to better meet the needs of all students in their classroom. Throughout this course educators will develop lessons and activities that incorporate different learning styles and modalities. This course will help educators make their content and classroom instruction more meaningful for all students in the classroom.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. The variety of learning styles that exist in the 21st Century world.
  2. The strengths and weakness of different learning styles.
  3. How to use technology and other resources to address a variety of learning styles.


  1. The importance of understanding the different way students learn.
  2. The value of scaffolding lessons to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  3. Their own learning style and how it impacts their everyday teaching.
  4. How to recognize the different learning styles and modalities of today’s 21st Century student

and Be Able To

  1. Construct lessons that integrate a variety of learning styles.
  2. Create classroom resources that meets a variety of learning styles.
  3. Effectively evaluate students in different ways.
  4. Vary their classroom instruction and resources to meet the needs of all learners in the 21st Century classroom.

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