This course is a must for all educational professionals K-12. This course will provide educators with an understanding of and successful strategies of teaching study skills for students of all ages. Study skills such as vocabulary building, note taking skills, test taking strategies, essay writing, and homework tips are just a few of the topics covered in the course.

Teachers enrolled in this course will..


  1. The importance of teaching study skills to students of all ages
  2. Types of study skills and how to incorporate them into the curriculum
  3. Skills that will help both teachers and students stay organized and on task to reach their full potential in the classroom


  1. The various types of skills for specific tasks. Note taking, highlighting, outlining, organizational skills, oral presentations, breaking apart words, memorizations, roots, prefix, suffix
  2. How to incorporate these skills into their subject level and be able to teach them to students in a meaningful way

and Be Able To

  1. Teach students study skills that will help them throughout their school career.
  2. Improve students study habits, test taking, and note taking skills in every class they attend.
  3. Create a learning environment in which students will have the educational tools to succeed in the classroom.
  4. Aid in study habits that will affect how students take notes, learn, and study for exams
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