This course will provide all educators with an understanding of and successful strategies for working with the learning disabled student. Symptoms, types of learning disabilities, evaluation, classification, and methods of instruction are just a few of the areas covered in the course. It is a must for any educator who comes in contact with learning disabled students. (K-12)

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. types of learning disabilities and their symptoms.
  2. who can diagnose LDs and/or AD/HD.
  3. what Response to Intervention (RTI) is and the role it plays in working with students with learning disabilities.
  4. accommodations and modifications available for the LD student


  1. how learning disabilities are diagnosed.
  2. how and why Response to Intervention helps students with learning disabilities succeed academically.
  3. how the special education process works to protect the rights of students with special learning needs

and Be Able To

  1. assist in the identification of learning disabilities.
  2. use Response to Intervention as a pre-referral intervention.
  3. apply modifications, accommodations, and strategies for students with learning disabilities into their daily lessons, classroom management systems, etc.
  4. assist parents with information regarding strategies that could be used at home with their learning disabled child
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