Respect is one of the greatest issues teachers and support staff face when trying to educate this generation of children. Creating a culture that identifies and embraces our newest generation of students for who they are is crucial to achieving success in the classroom. In this course, educators will explore the impact of cultural values, work ethic, family life and a number of other factors that influence students inside and outside our schools. The Respectful Student will incorporate shared experiences, engaging readings, videos, and related stories in the news to provide a global understanding of the children we see in our schools every day.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. All participants will analyze the impact of respect within our society as we move into this new century
  2. Will identify the outside social issues of dress, use of technology and language that is demonstrated by our students to their peers and educators
  3. The greatest challenges that are facing the students of today and tomorrow through this period of economic recession and the changing global economy.
  4. The changes in American students over the last several decades and the expectations of the children of today.
  5. How other nations perceive the United States educational system and the gains they have made in challenging our students
  6. Why it is important for our children/young adults to be experimental in their likes and dislikes in order to make them into future versatile citizens and workers


  1. What the issues of the changing cultural values and its impact on our students – high divorce rate, drugs, suicide, single parent families, etc.
  2. How the social media has impacted the youth of today in how they communicate with each other and how they determine the world around them
  3. The triumphs and tragedies of government, sports and Hollywood figures that continue to demonstrate both positive and negative examples to our impressionable youth
  4. If the meaning of right and wrong has changed between the teachers and students of today
  5. The significance of our students to co-exist, understand and learn from different multi-cultural groups that live in our communities and nations
  6. Why it is important for our students develop pride in themselves for past, present and future goals/objectives

and Be Able To

  1. Have all participants analyze the strongest concerns in their school and society and to create possible solutions in solving these pressing issues
  2. Analyze news clips, movies and news stories on the greatest issues that are impacting our students during the length of this course
  3. Describe the rationale behind the behavior of their students and if it has led to a growth of bullying (cyber), fighting, harassment, etc.
  4. Identify the participants strengths and weaknesses in dealing with the students of the twenty first century
  5. Determine the importance of local and national service in fostering a larger sense of pride in helping others (Red Cross, Salvation Army, Volunteer Fire Department/Law Enforcement, the Military, etc.).
  6. Understand the importance of peer mediation/conflict resolution in preventing disputes in becoming major violent/hostile actions between students
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