This course will focus on specific Reading and Writing strategies that effectively support students with special needs in and out of the regular classroom. Regular and special educators will learn how to meet the requirements of the IEP while still incorporating Common Core Standards to the programming of the special education student in the areas of Reading and Writing. The class will review how to identify/assess struggling readers, remediate and implement the most effective strategies to better support programs and services of our students with special needs. This class is open to all grade levels.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. What is a Reading/Writing disability?
  2. How to identify struggling readers or writers.
  3. What specific strategies are effective for struggling readers or writers?


  1. Requirements and expectations through the Common Core Standards as they apply to Reading and Writing and special education students.
  2. How to integrate specific strategies that address the individual Reading and/or Writing needs of our students with special needs.
  3. How to apply knowledge of effective Reading and Writing strategies to meet the specific goals outlined in Individualized Education Plans (IEP) of students with special needs

and Be Able To

  1. Identify current implications of struggling readers and writers in the classroom, as it pertains to the new Common Core expectations.
  2. How to apply the specific Reading/Writing strategies in the classroom to meet the educational needs of our students with special needs.
  3. Discuss the areas of Reading and Writing with regards to special education students in a professional manner (i.e. disabilities, remediation and interventions)
  4. Create positive and effective change in the services we provide for students with special needs, specifically in Reading and Writing
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