The Common Core has high demands for teachers and students. This course will provide professional development for all teachers K-12, general and special education as well as special area teachers, by using self-reflection along with today’s educational research to enhance the questions that we ask our students. By asking higher level questions we can demand higher level thinking, and raise the bar so that each student can meet the growing expectations of the Common Core State Standards.

Teachers enrolled in this course will...


  1. various, researched based questioning techniques.
  2. resources available to them as classroom teachers.
  3. that asking higher level questions demands deeper thinking from their students


  1. how including key words in their everyday lessons and questions can improve the ability of their students to meet the increasing curricular demands.
  2. how to incorporate higher level thinking questions into all areas of the curriculum, on any grade level.
  3. the value of self-reflection to reach the increasing demands on teachers and students

and Be Able To

  1. enhance the questions used not only in daily lessons, but also the questions on written assessments and assignments.
  2. reflect on self-created lessons in order to improve the quality of the questions they ask every day.
  3. prepare their students for the high demands of state and standardized tests designed to challenge students on every level.
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